Life After Patellar Tendon Repair


While it needed to be done, that 3rd surgery really tested limits in my house!  My husband is retired and became my full-time nurse after the first two surgeries.  Just as we were getting used to my increasing mobility–walking around the block with the walker,

R knee in Knee Stabilizer

R knee in Knee Stabilizer

I had this new surgery which set me back 3 weeks.

I became less mobile, since I couldn’t straighten my R leg.  I was on more Oxycontin and became ROYALLY CONSTIPATED.  I lost my appetite, couldn’t be left alone because I was a ‘FALL RISK’  and I couldn’t sleep well and neither could my husband!  We had just graduated back to our bed, after 2weeks of sleeping on the recliner (me) and the couch (him).  I had been able to go up and down the steps, taken my first shower and *SNAP*–just like that, it was all taken away!  Bird baths, AGAIN.  This time for six (6) weeks!

Now, whenever we went to physical therapy, to the pharmacy, to the doctor’s office, I had to ride across the backseat of my car, while my husband drove me.  My left knee got pretty strong, because it had to do all of the work that my right knee couldn’t.

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