This is what I went through for about 2-1/2 years off and on, beginning in 2010:

  • Fleeting electrical sensations in my R buttock and thigh
  • Returned in January 2012, during a massage.  More intense sensations, now
    • Although fleeting, sensations burn, radiate down my back and eventually into my buttocks and down my R leg
  • Returned again in late April-early May and intensified in May
    • Appeared when I arose every morning and went away after a couple of hours–made sleeping difficult or impossible once started, so I got up
    • Made walking difficult in early AM.
    • Returned at night at bedtime.
  • Pain intensified during the summer to the point where I had stabbing, burning pain beginning in my R buttock and traveling down my R leg where it wrapped around my calf and across my R foot.
  • By July, I was walking with a cane and using ice packs to manage the pain and had to stop swimming, because the sciatica would trigger the fibromyalgia!  ARRRGGHHHH!

There is more information about my struggles with Sciatica

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