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Knee Surgeries 1 & 2


On May 29, 2014, I had my double knee arthroscopies.  That’s right, BOTH knees were ‘scoped.  The Right knee had a lot more going on with it, than the left.  Older problems since I was 12 and a lot more was done to it, including removing a plum-sized bony growth between my knee and thigh!!

On May 29th, around 7pm, during a 2nd trip to the bathroom, I ruptured (tore away) the Patellar Tendon.  That kept me from being able to lift my R leg.

This is my knees a couple of days after surgery–you can see the bruising around the knee.  This lasted for weeks!

My knees after  Arthroscopy

My knees after Arthroscopy



These are my knees wrapped in Ace Bandages!

Ace Bandage-wrapped knees

Ace Bandage-wrapped knees




This is me walking with my walker during the two weeks after these surgeries.IMG_0754