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Pain Management for Sciatica, or lack thereof…


Part 2. Thirdly was chiropractic. I was in an enormous amount of pain by July 2012, was walking with a cane and was taking a lot of medication for pain between the FM and the SCI. Two-three days per week, I drove in the opposite direction from home in rush hour traffic, to be ‘tortured’ by the chiropractor (CHIRO). Dr. B. is a very nice woman and a very good DC (doctor of chiropractic), but she was not gentle with her adjustments and most of the time her treatments hurt like hell. Sometimes, they created even more pain than I had been experiencing and I got several bruises out of it, too. The bruising she warned me about, and I already had the problem naturally—which was worsened by the LYRICA (a listed side effect)—so that was less of an issue. She did however, provide me with TENS and heat treatment, which helped after the adjustments were over or to warm and loosen up my back and hips before the adjustments.

I do not want to scare people away from chiropractic. It works for many musculoskeletal and other issues, it just did not help me with the SCI.

Fourthly, I tried lumbar injections from an anesthesiologist. I returned to Dr. H., who had given me epidural injections for my neck in February-March 2012, which worked very well. He told me that my back issues were causing my SCI, but I didn’t believe him and felt that they were separate issues. This is a case of “not being able to see the forest for the trees” for me. As it turns out, what he said is absolutely true. I didn’t and couldn’t understand (despite my nursing background) that this was all connected.  You’ll see…

Between the third week of September and early November, I received a total of seven (7) injections in my lumbar area, none of which afforded me any lasting pain relief. Here and there, I got 4-7 days and once up to 10 days of relief.