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Eating Out Without Gluten


Do you fear (or just hate) going out to eat, knowing that you’ll probably have to eat something bland or dull because you are gluten-free or gluten-reduced?  Well, things are changing rapidly, especially at national restaurant chains.  A lot of them are adopting GF menus to capture your business!  Before leaving the house, look up their website and look for a GF menu.  If they don’t list one, call and ask!  They may be able to accomodate you.

I made that mistake yesterday at Seasons 52.  I assumed that because they didn’t have a GF menu listed that they didn’t have GF items.  Well,  not only do they have a GF menu, our server was all over it!  She offered to check with the chef to find out if they could adjust the ingredients to make the dish I wanted GF and then came back and told me how they could assist me.  Don’t be put off if your fave choice can’t be changed; ask for a good substitute for that dish!  EAT HAPPY!