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Menopause-brain and Fibromyalgia-brain


Are they the same thing?’ I don´t know. They happened to me at about the same time—menopause and fibromyalgia (FM). There are some other terms for the forgetfulness for things you KNOW you know, like your best friend´s name, the correct name of an object you´re holding onto or pointing to, but can´t think of to save your life! You might end up calling a pen a ‘pointer’ because that´s the first thing that came to mind—WRONG—but not entirely. It stll begins with the letter ´p´.

Another example is something that sounds like the thing you can´t remember the name of, like ‘bill’ for pill. Or maybe it has a similar function, like paper towel and tissue—they both clean up something, but, well, you know. There may be other versions of this ‘disorder,’ but those are the only examples I can think of at this time. Let me know if you’ve experienced something similar.

You may also forget to do things you’ve been planning to do for days or weeks and may have even gone so far as to place stickeys around the house or set reminders on your computer or phone and then, FORGET to do it. HOW did that happen? you think.

I know my symptoms still happen occasionally, but were significantly reduced by the introduction of HRT. It made a significant difference in a number of my menopause-related symptoms, such as ‘menofog’.

I made the fibromyalgia-brain connection between articles I was reading or education I was having at the time (in grad school) or attending a psychiatric nursing conference.