Thanks for visiting my blog!  I welcome your feedback and hope to have some interaction with you on some level, whether it’s through your browsing the blog or my reading and responding to your comments. My goals with this blog are several-fold:

  • To share my experience being a patient who lives with many conditions (co-morbidities)—happening simultaneously and individually—with one being predominant
  • To share my perspectives as a nurse, to the extent that I can, given that I am the one most often referenced
  • To offer suggestions from both my patient and nursing perspectives for someone who may be experiencing similar conditions
  • To perhaps validate an experience you may have had–you are probably not alone!

Disclaimer: the information presented here may be limited to my personal experience. I do not claim to have comprehensive knowledge about any one product, medication or service. Please consult with your licensed medical practitioner about any questions you may have. Follow her/his advice when given. Ask questions and get answers you understand. The information presented here is just that, information. It is not intended as medical advice. The information presented here is also filtered through my critical care and psychiatric nursing experiences, my experience as a nurse manager and my experience as a healthcare educator. The topics and specific information listed below are not all inclusive by any means.

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